Features :
● Gel battery for high-cycle, long life and deep-discharge performance with 10 years standby service life. Have more than 600 cycles life time at 60% DOD.
● Using special lead-calcium alloy to boost up the grid anti-corrosive performance and extend the battery using lifetime.
● High thermal capacity, reduce the risk of thermal out of control and drying hard, can be used in bad environment.
● High gas recombined reaction efficiency.
● Little water losing, no electrolyte stratification phenomenon.
● Long storage time.
● Good deep discharge resilience performance.
● Using gas silicon dioxide, small granule degree, bigger than surface area.
● ISO9001, 14001, TS16949 certified.
● UL recognized components under UL 1989.

Application :
● Cycle applications
● Golf trolleys
● Garden equipments
● Portable equipments
● Wheel chairs
● Solar and wind mill units
● Medical equipments
● Traffic lights
● Street signs
● Boats or buoys
● Cottage camping
● SOS pillars
● Toys and hobby applications
● Portable equipments for communication